When you want to make improvements to your car’s audio system, don’t let the price scare you away. Here at SB Auto Sounds, we work with Acima to get our customers manageable lease payments with no credit needed to get approved for up to $5,000. The process is quick, easy, and will get you the products you want with a payment plan that will fit your needs and schedule.


How It Works

Application Credit

First, you will fill out an online application for the lease. All you will need is a checking or savings account, at least $1,000 in monthly income, and a Social Security or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. It can take as little as 15 minutes to get approved for financing, making it quicker for you to enjoy your new sound system in your car.

The most common lease term is 12 months, but this timeline will be determined by how much financing you require. Once you sign up for a lease, your first payment will be determined by what income information that you put on the application. If there is any need to adjust the first payment you will need to contact the Acima Team at 801-297-1982 or by getting into your online account through the online portal.

There is no interest rate on the lease as it is a rent-to-own contract. All of the fees for the lease will be spelled out on the contract so that you know upfront of any extra costs.

How to Pay


Once you have been approved for the lease, you can make automatic payments on your debit or credit card. Payments cannot be made in the store as the lease agreement is through Acima, and not with SB Autosounds.

To set up automatic payments, you will need to create an account on the online customer portal. To accomplish this you will go to online portal, click create new account, and then follow all of the prompts to get started. You will need your lease agreement close by because it gives you an account number that you will type in once prompted.

From the online portal you can check your balance, adjust payment schedules, and add any new forms of payment. You can set up the payment schedule how you like when you initially set up the account, but once that’s set and you wish to change it, there will be a fee charged.

If you wish to pay off the lease agreement early, you may do so through extra payments. You can choose to do an early buyout and you may have discounted lease fees. If you have any questions about an early buyout or the lease terms be sure to contact the Acima.

Payment Issues

If for some reason you are having trouble making payments, contact the Acima at 801-297-1982 for information on what your options are. One Road Lending is always willing to work with its customers to make payments work.

If your payment bounces due to insufficient funds, you will have a returned payment fee. This returned payment fee also includes when you put in the wrong banking information, so be sure to double check your account numbers when you initially set up the account.