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RV Audio Stereo System Santa Barbara

Having an RV is a great way to travel without ever really leaving home. Along with the creature comforts and tastes of home you take along with you, entertainment is a very important part of the RV experience. A quality RV stereo brings the fun of your favorite entertainment wherever your travel adventures take you. An RV stereo is more akin to a home entertainment center than a car stereo. Because an RV is like a home on wheels, most RV stereo systems do more than just play music but in a much smaller space than home entertainment systems.

To conserve the limited space on board a home on wheels, a multi-functional RV stereo wall mount application is the perfect choice.With the introduction of marine grade flat panel televisions which are available from 7 inch to 55 inch, it is even possible to watch a movie, television, or play games while being outside. With the addition of an AV sourcing unit you are able to control how your system operates. You can watch the same thing on all TV’s, or as independently, and even start watching a movie outside and finish it inside. With multiple zones everybody is happy. You can choose from DVD/CD,cable (when provided by the camp ground), even satellite TV which allows you to watch your favorite shows while on the move.

More than just an RV Stereo Depending on your particular needs, you may wish to have several stand-alone machines to handle each function separately.  An RV stereo CD player can be installed within reach of the driver’s seat in the front while the DVD player is mounted in the rear, within the reach and control of the rest of the family. The mounting of outside components such as speakers or T.V, requires sealing them from the elements as well as making sure they are safe for when your mobile and on the road to your next destination.

Using a professional for your RV Stereo

The installation quality of an RV stereo system can make or break you over all intended experience. Knowing how everything is connected to one another is only half the battle. With some systems being 12 volt and others being 110 volt, it is important to know your wiring options. Beyond the wonderful world of wires, the mounting of your system is equally important. Know what you would like your RV stereo system to be able to do. Do you want just TV or do you want a sound system and TV.

Plan your system to fit your lifestyle.

Consider where you and your family spend the most time.

  • Where would you want your DVD/CD player etc. located?
  • Do you want it to be remotely operated?
  • Will you need separate zones?

These are all things you to consider while planning your system and creating your budget. Don’t rush into purchasing your equipment. DO YOUR RESEARCH! If you want the system to work seamlessly, all of the components and controllers need to be compatible. Not all components are created equal.

No matter what RV stereo system you choose, the element that will make the most impact in your traveling entertainment center is the RV surround sound system.For the best results, the surround sound system should be installed in your RV in the same way that you would install a similar system in the home. Speakers should be permanently and securely anchored to the walls and, if you have the means and technical knowledge, hard-wired within the RV’s walls. Treat the RV surround sound system the way you would treat a surround sound system in your living room, but remember that this living room is in constant motion and all additions need to be installed very securely.

Whether you use your RV for short trips or as a permanent home, staying entertained on the road will enhance your enjoyment of your home on wheels. For members of your family or traveling group who do not enjoy the beauty of the open road, a high-quality RV entertainment system acts as a distraction while you get from one place to the next. Having the peace of mind of a professionally installed RV Stereo system is paramount.