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Collision Avoidance | Safety Sensors


Cutting-edge safety systems that are reliable, affordable, and user friendly. Collision avoidance systems are specifically designed to prevent or reduce the severity of an accident by monitoring both how far away the vehicle in front of you is and how close your vehicle is to an unintended lane departure.


of rear-end collisions
can be avoided with
1.5 second early warning


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are caused
by driver inattention


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Safe Drive Systems

Safe Drive Systems says using radar for forward-collision warning is more reliable than a camera-based system, because the signal is not affected by fog or bad weather. It also claims that the system can detect an obstacle as small as a bicycle, in any weather or lighting condition, up to 460 feet ahead, and that the information updates 20 times per second. We haven’t tested the system, but during our brief demo drive on a clear day, it seemed to work as advertised in moderate highway traffic.

forward-collision and lane-departure warnings

A single smart camera mounted on your windshield provides you with critical real-time audible and visual warnings to reduce the risk of collision.  It acts as a “third eye” constantly monitoring the road ahead, offering you a safer driving experience.

Forward Collision Warning

Alerts driver seconds before an imminent collision with the vehicle ahead, giving enough time for the driver to react and avoid or mitigate an accident.

Following Time Monitoring and Warning

Continually monitors your following time from the vehicle ahead and alerts you when the distance becomes unsafe.

Lane Departure Warning

Alerts the driver when there is an unintentional departure from the driving lane.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Collision Warning

Alerts the driver before an imminent collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist.