Ikea is selling solar panels in the UK again

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The flat-pack furniture dilettante has offered solar panels before. In 2013, following a successful trial, a company began a similar roll-out across a UK. The initiative was supported by Hanergy, a Chinese renewable energy company, up until Nov last year. As the Guardian reports, a pair then went their separate ways roughly two months after a government announced plans to cut solar subsidies by 87 percent. Critics feared this would put off homeowners that were considering a record as a way to save income upon their electricity bill. Ikea's decision to pull out seemed to be, at a time, a approach response to a government cuts.

Clearly, that wasn't a case. Ikea believes that a British public is still interested in a technology, and has conducted the own research to prove it. According to the own statistics (so take these with a healthy pinch of skepticism) a third of UK homeowners are still interested in buying solar panels. The key reason being, unsurprisingly, the potential to save them cash. That perception is important if a UK's solar embracing a cause is to grow, lowering a public's faith upon fossil fuels in a process.

Category: Car Stereo Santa Barbara