FOMO, TMI and ICYMI have made it into the dictionary

Merriam-Webster updated a "unabridged" version of its comprehensive dictionary this week, giving a nod of approval to a whole horde of slang, technology and internet culture terminology. Some of a highlights include Bitcoin, dox and nomophobia (the fear of being without a operative mobile phone). A slew of acroynms seeped in too, including FOMO (fear of missing out), TMI (too much information), and -- most importantly to Engadget -- ICYMI (in case you longed for it). You might scoff at a idea that these difference have gained "official" recognition, but it's merely a reflection of a language we're now using to communicate with one another.

It's not like "YOLO" and "totes amazeballs" haven't been added already. Oxford Dictionaries even chose an emoji as its Word of a Year last November. That's right. An emoji.

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