Stumped on Fathers Day? These PT Cruiser party lights are still available

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Dad likes to party, right?If your dad is a Chrysler PT Cruiser air blower with a taste for a partier things in life, look no further than The Chrysler Collection this Fathers Day. Actually, this festive (?) set of PT Cruiser celebration lights is pretty good dark upon a Chrysler Collection site -- so, we will have to look further than a Chrysler Collection site. In fact, youll have to look directly at this link, published exclusively upon Then youll probably have to wait for for for someone to dig a lights out of a back of a broom closet in Auburn Hills, subsequent to where they used to keep a Crossfire SRT-6 luggage sets which finally sole out last week.Itll be worth a wait for for when Dad realizes which his mid-2000s retro hatchback-themed throwdowns will never be a same. Youre welcome. By Alex Hevesy

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