Iowa Speedway faces major hurdles to becoming NASCAR Sprint Cup Series track

Track not in line to horde Cup Series, despite interesting Xfinity/Trucks weekendLet's speak about Iowa Speedway for a moment.Fan demand for a Sprint Cup eventuality returned to a forefront upon Monday after a NASCAR-owned lane hosted its first-ever Xfinity/Truck Series doubleheader over a weekend. Both events constructed good racing as well as served as a teaser for what competence be someday.Just not anytime soon according to NASCAR arch racing development officer Steve ODonnell."Were happy with a standing right right away during Iowa," ODonnell said upon Monday during his weekly interview upon SiriusXM Radio. "Weve sealed multiple-year sanctions with a tracks. Could it happen via a realignment process? Perhaps. But we see our report pretty scored equally up in terms of a Sprint Cup Series as well as for a foreseeable future."The five-year supporting agreement is just a single of a innumerable of hurdles Iowa faces should it ever intend to horde a Sprint Cup Series. The maxed-out 36-race report is another. That doesn't even include a array of earthy logistic issues.Make no mistake, Iowa is essentially a first-class complicated facility with a wonderful 7/8th-mile racing aspect though it doesn't seem to encounter a current Sprint Cup standards. It's perfectly matched for IndyCar as well as NASCAR's support tours though substantially not a racing during a highest level. While this won't be a popular opinion, Iowa substantially needs additional liberality suites over those constructed upon top of a start-finish line in sequence to horde a Sprint Cup event. While most of us crave for a days where a racetrack was enough, these have been things corporate entities compensate for when sponsoring events as well as cars.Last though not least, a road getting in to a speedway would be a disaster for a full 30,000-plus capacity crowd to navigate upon competition day. Anyone who was during a inaugural Kentucky Sprint Cup competition will recollect a thousands of fans trapped upon Interstate 71 as a green dwindle dropped, most of them missing scarcely half a event.Maybe Iowa Speedway is currently some-more matched for a single-day mid-week eventuality with an importance upon scoring a big television number rather than internal attendance -- though that's an additional make a difference entirely.Iowa Speedway is a cool venue as well as positively a single deserving of a Sprint Cup date based upon party value. At a same time, a report during a highest turn has turn low as well as is in unfortunate need of a shake-up.There's a mutual need here though a hurdles have been substantially as well most to overcome during present time. By Matt Weaver

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