Oriol Servia: Expectations for the 100th running of the Indy 500 are humongous

Schmidt Peterson Motorsports driver shares discernment into a Indianapolis 500 experienceWe asked Servia about a different feel surrounding this years race:I have been racing all my life, including sixteen years during a professional level. No alternative competition compares ever to a Indy 500 in any magnitude, really. This year being a 100th seems to be receiving all concerned a few notches higher, which is roughly crazy.To say that a energy surrounding a competition this year doesn't affect me would be a false statement. All a teams efforts, IndyCar's promotions, media enquiries and fan excitement is so tangible that a expectations created are humongous. Everything seems to be happening with a push to pass extra progress attached to it. As a driver, it is unfit to not feel submersed in it.It's awesome, though for sure it takes an extra bid to stop yourself, regroup and focus your energies to have sure you follow your priorities. It is not just any alternative race, though similar to any alternative competition it will take you do all right to win it.Editors note: Tomorrow, you ask Servia about a disturb of violence a big boys during their own game.

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