Qualcomm says it's fine to fast-charge your phone over USB-C

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Technically, USB-C as well as fast-charging methods similar to Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 aren't ostensible to mix. As Google's Benson Leung (a frequent crusader for good USB implementations) noted last fall, a USB-C spec explicitly forbids a variable voltage tricks that QC3.0 as well as others make use of to tip up your battery in a hurry. Does that meant that your HTC 10 or LG G5 is at risk of catching fire, then? Not if we ask Qualcomm. It tells Android Central that we can make its fast-charge solution fit USB-C's voltage demands, as well as there have been "no reports" of problems so far. In short, we shouldn't have to worry when we plug in. So it's all settled, right?

Category: Car Stereo Santa Barbara