Honda fires a shot in the pickup war

Stones dropping everywhereHonda is perplexing to uncover up both Chevy as well as Ford in the video just released showing that the Ridgelines truck bed stands up to the load of concrete stones better than the competition.This exam is identical to the tests Chevy ran upon the Silverado as well as F-150, though this the single produced decidedly different results. Since the Ridgeline has the standard composite bed, the damage to it was minimal compared to the denting as well as scratching seen in the Silverado.Chevy ran the exam twelve times upon their truck where Honda only shows results from the single drop.Honda filmed the drop, clean-up as well as results in the single take, showing complete clarity in their testing. Its the tiny disproportion from Chevys video, though the single that we took notice of.The exam itself is though the single measure to determine the trucks toughness as well as durability, as well as its not indispensably something many of us would experience day to day use. Still, check the video out for yourself; its the worth the watch. By Zac Palmer

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