Not feelin' the Bern: F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says he's no fan of North America

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Canada, apparently, is no Baku, AzerbaijanIn an talk,alleged acceptor of bribesand Formula One chief senior manager Bernie Ecclestone flattering much trashed the entireNorth American continentwhen comparing it to this week's stop upon F1s calendar --Baku, Azerbaijan.Admittedly, Baku is substantially the excellent place despiteits obvious issueswith tellurian trafficking, slavery as well as abject poverty, but it lacks the perfect accumulation of climates as well as natural phenomena found throughout the North American continent.In reply to the question about the moral implications of bringing F1 to the country which comes up the small short upon tellurian rights issues, Ecclestone said, "The notation people discuss it me what tellurian rights are, we can look at how, since as well as when it applies. Does any one know what tellurian rights are? We listen obviously, as well as if people have got genuine complaints there is not the lot we can do since in all fairness, we dont know, leisure of debate as well as things similar to which -- we consider we get in to trouble in many countries if we have been anti some government or political people. Or in fact anybody. So it is not utterly as easy as that."Thankfully, the little-known organization called the United Nations outlined these elemental tellurian rights in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.The request outlines the elemental rights which many agree should be inalienable.Ecclestones apparent contempt for North America, meanwhile, follows final weeks Canadian Grand Prix at Montreal, Canadas Circuit Gilles Villeneuve."We only left the biggest place in the world: North America," he said. "And compared to here, it is the bit of ahole, isnt it?"

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