RE Audio MX 15 D2 Dual 2 Ohms Subwoofer Recone Kit

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RE AudioXXX fifteen D1 Dual1 Ohms Recone Kit - For V4 Dual Spider Version

RE Audio Was Founded by Audio Enthusiasts, For Audio Enthusiasts. They Understand a Uses (And Often Abuses) in Autosound And Engineer Products For Use in The Real World. RE Audio Products Have The Finesse And Sound Quality to Please The Most Discriminating Audiophile, And The Durability to Stand up to The Extreme Abuses of SPL Competition. RE Audio is Taking The Car Audio Competition Scene by Storm. Join The Ranks of a Competitors With RE Audio. RE Audio - The Ultimate in Car Audio! Built for Brutality, Engineered for Excess!

    • Type: RE AudioMX fifteen D2 Dual2 Ohms Subwoofer Recone Kit
    • Includes Cone, Dustcap, Spacer, Coil, Spider
    • Glue / Adhesive is not included in kit

Category: Car Stereo Santa Barbara