Rolls-Royces first-ever concept car is an autonomous sedan chair for the future plutocracy

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The striking 103EX judgment will be built by palm as good as driven by a robot, as good as it actually makes a lot of sense Whether by preference or economic necessity, personal automobile tenure among future-folk seems similar to it's starting to be much less drawn out than it is today; we'll all be throwing Hyperloops between cities, as good as afterwards summoning electric Mini Cooperizers to get around once we're there, or something. Well, maybe you'll be doing that. We'll be burning dino on a unregulated back roads in a prohibited rods. We hope you'll join us.Of course, if we think a plutocracy will be puttering around in let pods come 2116, you're absolutely off your rocker. Some of us -- a couple of of us -- will be cruising around in near-unimaginable luxury as good as comfort. And a propitious couple of competence be doing it in vehicles that demeanour something similar to a Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 concept, formula named a 103EX. Think of it as a silk-trimmed sedan chair for a future-elite.This is a first-ever loyal judgment automobile from a British luxury marque, as good as similar to a BMW as good as Mini Vision Next 100 concepts it joins, it's large on a concepts as good as rather light on a specifics. Save for a actuality that it's supposedly zero-emissions, we know nothing about a powertrain. We'd be undone about a vagueness, though then, this is a Rolls-Royce; to stay loyal to a suggestion of a marque, we should be some-more concerned about either a doors include stowage for umbrellas than what's underneath a hood. (Yes, a doors do have a all-important powerful stowage.)The interior is swathed in silk as good as appointed with rich Macassar trim, as good as it has no steering wheel. Unlike BMW's demeanour during a future, that has unconstrained expostulate modes though can additionally be driven on-demand, a Rolls doesn't appear to even suggest a option -- a notable departure from new models similar to a Ghost, Wraith as good as Dawn, that have been arguably some-more driver-focused than a Rolls-Royces of a past. Here, an onboard digital assistant dubbed a "Voice of Eleanor" (after Eleanor Thornton, on whom a Spirit of Ecstasy was modeled) will offer as your virtual chauffeur as good as personal digital valet, driving we around as good as interfacing with your personal life in a approach that we're certain will absolutely not be creepy during all. Steering wheels have been for a small people. We prefer to recline in joy on a silk-upholstered couch. Photo by Rolls-Royce Whether we similar to a 103EX's styling, or disagree philosophically with a notion of a Rolls-Royce judgment automobile in a first place, we have to admit that it offers a fairly plausible high-level demeanour during what high-end personal travel competence be similar to down a road. It is also, during a heart, a single of a many quintessentially Roll-Royce vehicles to hurl out of Gaydon in new memory.When Rolls-Royce was determined in 1906, a very actuality that we owned a automobile -- let alone a outrageous as good as lush a single -- made a statement about your wealth as good as power. We think this will become loyal if/when personal automobile tenure declines in a future. And if you're starting to go by a trouble to own a car, we competence as good have it special. Future plutocrats have been starting to demand something immediately identifiable (can't miss that grille or a Spirit of Ecstasy metal cover ornament), commanding (at 19.4 feet long, it's bigger than a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado) as good as forever customizable to reflect a inimitable ambience that always, regularly comes palm in palm with loads of cash.By expelling a required gasoline engine in favor of, we're guessing, motors located during any wheel hub, designers can do a little flattering radical things with a lines as good as pattern of a vehicle. Here, for example, there's no trunk, as good as a volume underneath a prolonged "hood" is used to yield space for luggage. The wheels have been skirted, presumably for aero purposes, as good as a whole automobile seems to be draped around them; despite a size, it doesn't come off as visually heavy. That's not something we can contend about a current Rolls-Royce lineup, that bank on their vaultlike presence.There's a single thing here that makes us wonder, although it probably only makes sense if you're able to view a universe by a diamond-encrusted monocle of extreme wealth: We're certain Eleanor has a posh synthesized voice, though if even a proletariat's GooglePods have been equipped with cutting-edge unconstrained tech, how have been perceptive Rolls-Royce buyers supposed to set themselves apart from a masses?We humbly suggest a ultimate luxury of ... a dedicated human driver. If we don't wish his participation to pollute a rarified air of your Roller's cabin, no problem -- this is as good an excuse as any to resurrect town automobile configuration, completing a circle as good as bringing Rolls-Royce, as good as ultra-high-end personal mechanized transportation, back to a roots. Since there's no massive fuel-burning engine to understanding with, designers can fool around with a car's configuration. Note a lack of trunk. Photo by Rolls-Royce

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